Co-Founders & Lead Artists:
MyLoan Dinh
Bunny Gregory @ug_battleofthearts

Team Artists:
Katrina @pinkclouds83
Marcus @_marcusburke
Elle @ellestudioarts
Tia @my_plated_plants
Nkengi @gldylox3
Tricia @tricia.tamtastic

About Us
Mural Ninjas is a minority women run business, based in Charlotte, NC. Lead artists and co-founders, MyLoan and Bunny have over 25 years of professional experience working in the creative community. Our core team come from diverse backgrounds, ages and experiences with the collective burning desire to be creative and make the world a little funkier than before.  Our work includes training the next generation of muralists/artists.  Our paid apprentices are predominantly women and artists of color.
"We believe in community. Projects start with conversations. We have stories to tell and share.
We believe art can inspire and uplift neighborhoods. It is a powerful conduit for inclusion and healing, therefore it is crucial public art must be representative of the diverse populations in which it serves.

By creating directly with community on city streets and sidewalks, we can bridge differences, so that together, we can negotiate a common goal for a common good." - Mural Ninjas

MyLoan and Bunny separately have individual art studio practices, but continuously collaborate. They have worked together for over 20 years on numerous creative projects including art work, murals, stage design, event design, costume design, gallery exhibitions and youth outreach projects in NC and Germany.

Meet the Mural Ninjas

more team profiles to come.

MyLoan Dinh

MyLoan Dinh is a multi-disciplinary artist. As an immigrant and former war refugee, her work addresses everyday manifestations of cultural identity and memory. She explores, through diverse media, the porous boundary between personal and collective history. She deconstructs materials, images, objects and texts to (re)construct personal experiences and narratives within the greater cultural context of which she is a part.

MyLoan was born in Saigon, Vietnam. Majoring in visual arts, she studied at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the School of Arts and Design at Wollongong University New South Wales, Australia. She has exhibited internationally and her work can be found in public and private collections in the United States and Europe including the Muhammad Ali Museum and Center (Louisville, KY).  Notable recent awards and accomplishments include: 2020 Arts & Science Council Creative Renewal Fellowship, Mint Museum of Art Constellations Artist, 2020 Charlotte Magazine BOB Best Local Artist, Arts & Science Council Individual Artists Project Grants, McColl Center for Art + Innovation Residency, Community Impact Grant from the Partnership for Democracy, Berlin, Department of Arts and Culture of Berlin Individual Artists grants.


Michelle "Bunny" Gregory

Bunny Gregory is a mixed-media and teaching artist. Her studio work is heavily influenced by Afrocentric culture addressing issues of economic disparity and social justice. Her work often uses illustration, comic book-style drawings, pen and ink, and collage on salvaged boards.

Bunny was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. She graduated with a degree in fashion illustration from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After her degree, she was the head of design for the special events firm, Creatrix. Since 2000, she has collaborated with Moving Poets as a costume designer. In 2010, she was invited for a three-week artist residency in Berlin, Germany. Growing up in the 70s and 80s, Bunny realized there weren't any venues for black artists to express themselves in Charlotte. Because of her love for hip hop and pop art, she opened her own venue, the UNDERGROUND, in 2014, which quickly became a staple platform for Charlotte-based urban artists, musicians, and poets. In 2017, Bunny was dubbed "Queen Mother of Charlotte's Underground Hip Hop" by Creative Loafing Magazine. Her current project, the UNDERGROUND Mobile Art and Music Studio (a converted traveling school bus) works with young black artists serving youth in West Charlotte where she grew up. 

Katrina Cherry

Katrina is a self taught painter born and raised in Charlotte, NC. She enjoys sharing her art with others and helping other aspiring artists with their creative development. Her favorite medium to work with is acrylic paint. Her ability to blend colors creates harmony in her paintings. 

Marcus Burke

Marcus is a self taught visual artist who loves creative opportunities and does not like being boxed in. He loves challenges and experimenting with different mediums. Born in historic Beaufort, SC, where nature is all around, he grew up in the South - fishing, hunting, and being outdoors. Later he moved to Queens, New York where art museums, parks, and graffiti became his new love. His first collaborative mural at The Soo’s Market corner store was featured in the Gastonia Gazette in 2020. Other murals include: a boutique, gym, Home of the 90’s Museum, Life Size Doll House, and the Hip -Hop Smoothie’s Food Truck . Painting, drawing, and clay molding are his three favorite things to do . Favorite artist Bob Ross ! 🎨

Elle Walsh

A self-taught artist, Elle was born in New York, and has lived in Charlotte for the past 12 years. Her mother is an artist/photographer, and she grew up with an appreciation of nature and art through that lens.

What started as writing quotes via chalk on the sidewalk to cheer neighbors, evolved into more intentional messaging, and a love for public art was simultaneously born. Walsh also paints acrylic on canvas, and is learning mural skills to create works with more permanence.

Continuing to raise awareness about current events and honoring a history untold is an objective Walsh is furthering through her use of diverse media. The actualization of thought-provoking art, impactful to the community-at-large, is an extension of that goal.