What we do

Plan. Design. Execute. Have some fun in-between.

Custom Murals for:

  • Public Art Projects
  • Commercial
  • Residential 

We can work with surfaces of any size. We specialise in large scale community projects, whether it's on walls or streets. We have extensive experience with pavement murals (It's kinda our thing). 

We can provide professional references upon requests. 

If you would like an in-person on-site creative consultation, we charge an initial fee of $100 for an hour with our lead artists (if you decide to hire us, the fee is credited to the total cost of the job). 

General fees:
Our design fee starts at $350 /per mural: includes 2 design edits. 

Additional $350 design fee/per mural for complete redesign.  

Standard pricing:
Indoor murals: $35/sq.ft.
Outdoor murals: $45/sq.ft.

This includes:
*meeting with clients and pre-planning
*our experienced team of Art Ninjas painters for the installation
*paint and paint supplies
*Certificate of Liability Insurance

* does not include lift rentals or other equipment rentals 

Please reach out to us through the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.